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Representing your interest with businesses in India

We specialize in effectively representing leading corporations and institutions with businesses in India.


Our experienced team will best represent your interest and dealings with Indian business houses . Our team members are deeply knowledgeable about the ways Indian businesses actually works, day in and day out. This has been established over the years through various channel partners at district levels, state and national level.

We help to address the cross cultural challenges, thereby working with the businesses to effectively to put across an international business organisation's point of view to local Indian businesses

Our Process

Step 1: Issue Identification, research and messaging

Research and prioritization: Clearly define and prioritize key issues. Research the authenticity of the issue, and get preliminary feedback on the topic. Define objectives while developing a comprehensive and effective issue management strategy. Expertise in message management allows us to express that viewpoint in a concise, consistent manner for maximum impact

Step 2: Influencer outreach and networking

Through long-established professional relationships our team is able to precisely identify and reach out to the appropriate offices and individuals to express a client’s viewpoint on pressing business matters

Officials and decision makers across various businesses must be approached in a business like fashion; i.e., relationships with key officials should be formed with a perspective to build understanding of our client's vision and objectives. This relationship should be sustained through continuous interaction so as to build a working partnerships which will act as an insurance against any misinformation. We 

 practically help you build these relationships and garner goodwill and respect amongst various stakeholders.


  • Research the issue & identify the appropriate person/ persons who needs to be approached to effectively represent the issue

  • Finalise pre-meeting details

  • Schedule meetings with the appropriate person/ persons

  • Effectively follow up with person/ persons to achieve successful completion of the project

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