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SFDI, in partnership with Europe India Centre for Business & Industry ( EICBI) and Sivaleen Inc, has been promoting various sectors over the past 10 years so as to promote India’s trade and relations with the UK and the European Union. In order to effectively identify and address the needs to various stakeholders and sectors, SFDI has set up number of national councils so as to effectively intervene and address the challenges and opportunities in those areas.

SDFI National Council are organized around specific sectors, industry or operational areas. These councils meet on ad hoc basis to discuss different initiatives of the foundation, share best practices, industry updates, and field expert questions.  The councils also provide a forum for Indian business leaders from various sectors to review and discuss economic and social issues concerning their sector of interest and to strengthen co operations between their counterparts in the UK and the EU.

Below is a list of the current active councils of the SDFI. Clicking on each one will give additional details on the work done by the council.

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